Tapas is the general Spanish word for appetizers. And when we say general, we mean it: tapas include a huge variety of snacks from olives or cheese to tortilla or squid. Tapas are just snacks served before a meal or to accompany a drink. They can be served cold or hot, depending on the appetizer.

Tapas vary from town to town and even from restaurant to restaurant. Throughout the different Spanish bars you will see that they come in many different forms and with different ingredients. Whether they are simple or more elaborated dishes, traditional or modern, the main characteristics of tapas are the taste and quality of the food.

Every tapa allows you to enjoy a savory dish and the quality ingredients of Spain. The perfect introduction to Spanish cuisine! As we said, there is not a fixed list of tapas, as almost everything can be turned into one, but some dishes like tortillapatatas bravas and fried calamari have become the most typical. Take a look at our recipes and learn to prepare some of the best tapas!

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