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Grilled cod

Cod is one of the specialties on the Spanish coast, especially in the north of Spain. We have a wide variety of cod recipes. To start with, we propose this easy recipe to get in touch with the healthiest and tastiest Spanish cuisine.   Ingredients 600 g cod Olive oil 4 medium potatoes ¼ green […]

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Marmitako is a traditional tuna stew from the Basque Country. It consists of juicy chunks of fresh tuna in a slightly spicy broth made with potatoes, pepper, onions and wine, among other ingredients. Marmitako is warm and full of flavor, the perfect dish for cold autumn and winter evenings.   Ingredients 1 choricero pepper 1 onion, […]

 Biscay Style Cod

Cod is one of the fish specialties on the Spanish coast, especially in the north of Spain. We have a wide variety of cod recipes. Bacalao a la vizcaína or Biscay-style cod is typical from the Basque Country, and it’s one of its most representative dishes. It consists of cod fillets cooked in the traditional Biscayan […]

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Mexican fish tacos recipe

Mexican fish tacos Tacos are a Mexican small snack made up of a corn or wheat tortilla (griddled on a comal) folded around a filling, which can vary depending of the preferences of the consumer. The usual ingredient is meat (beef, cheese, chicken or pork) but you can also use fish and seafood (such as […]

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seafood salad, salpicón de marisco

Salpicón de marisco (Seafood salad)

Seafood salad Salpicón is a term used to refer to a combination of infredients mixed in a sort of salad. It literally means “hodgepodge” or “medley”. Seafood salad is, though, a combination of seafood (mussels, crab, shrimps, octopus and squids), but it usually contains other additional ingredients, such as fish (usually monkfish or hake), vegetables (onion, […]

Roasted Sardines

Sardines are very popular in Spain. Really healthy and inexpensive, sardines taste delicious and don’t require many cooking skills or ingredients to prepare a good dish. Fried sardines are a Spanish favorite. However, frying sardines is not a really clean way of preparing them and is very smelly. For that reason, we recommend a clean […]

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large-scaled scorpion fish cake, pastel de cabracho

Pastel de cabracho (Large-scaled Scorpion Fish Cake)

Cabracho cake   Pastel de cabracho is a typical dish of Asturias, Cantabria and Basque Country. It consists of a pâté of large-scaled scorpion fish, a very common species found in the Bay of Biscay. Pastel de cabracho is typically served in special occasions, as it is a delicious appetizer and starter of easy preparation. […]