Clara (Shandy or Beer with soft soda)

Clara or Shandy


Clara is a typical Spanish drink, especially in summer, as it is very refreshing. It is a mixture of beer and soda, but there are several variants of the concept clara. For some, clara means beer with soft soda (unflavored, just sweetened soda water). For others, clara is a mixture of beer and lemon-lime soda, although the most common name for the latter in Spain is clara de limón (or lemon shandy in English) or simply shandy. If you prefer a lemony flavor, you can add Sprite, 7 up, lemon Fanta or even fresh lemonade made with lemon juice, water, sugar and a drizzle of soda water. However, the preparation method is always the same and the result is delicious and refreshing anyway, so try the one you like the most!


Ingredientsshandy, clara de limón

ice cubes (only if the glasses or beer mugs have not been chilled)
12 oz beer, preferably cold
12 oz soft drink, preferably cold (Sprite, 7 up, lemon Fanta)
fresh homemade lemonade (the juice of 1 lemon, ¾ cup water, sugar to taste and a touch of soda water)


Serves 2


Preparation method

  1. Note that depending on your personal taste, you can mix the same amount of beer and lemonade or 2 parts of beer to 1 part of lemonade.
  2. Add half the lemonade into each chilled beer mug (you could use tall glasses instead). If you do not have chilled glasses, you can put 2 ice cubes on the bottom of the glass, then pour the lemonade and beer and, immediately, remove the ice cubes. This way the clara will be fresher, but not too watered-down.
  3. Also, if you prefer to use fresh homemade lemonade, you can mix the juice of 1 lemon, ¾ cup of water, sugar to taste and then add a touch of soda water.
  4. Now pour the beer, also divided into the 2 glasses or beer mugs, and you will have your claras ready!


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