4 Tips for Pairing Italian Moscato Wine With Food

Anyone reading this article probably does not need an introduction to the Moscato wine. The sweet white wine is extremely popular in Italy and comes from the Muscat grape. If there is one thing everyone needs to know about wine is that it is a delicacy. Pairing it with the right food thus becomes extremely important to heighten the experience and make it taste even better. Today Moscato wine is extremely popular, and people are trying to find the right food pairing with it.

Types of Italian Moscato


Before knowing what to pair with Italian Moscato wine, you need to understand that there are certain variations within it. You can look through many varieties of this wine through Domus Vini SrL. Let us first understand the different types of Italian Moscato wines available in the market and their specialties.

  • Moscato d’Asti is a lightweight wine and the most common type of Moscato there is.
  • Moscato Giallo has a golden color which adds some visual fervor to its citrusy taste.
  • Moscato Rosa comes from red grapes and has a light red color with a berry-like taste.
  • Moscato di Pantelleria comes from the grapes of Pantelleria. This wine has a golden color with a taste resembling that of apricots. It makes for a heavenly pairing with desserts.
  • Pink Moscato has a sparkling texture and a great pinkish hue. This is not purely Moscato though. White Moscato is mixed with Merlot for this wine.
  • White Moscato is probably the easiest to find and will give you a citrusy sweet aftertaste.
  • Red Moscato follows the same principle as that of Pink Moscato, with the only difference being the ratio of red wine being mixed. It can even take a deep shade, depending on the wine chosen.
  • Moscato Canelli is from the US and is also available in a fizzy texture.
  • Sparkling Moscato is known for its sparkling texture and having a whole lot of bubbles as compared to the typical White Moscato.

Tips for Pairing Moscato with Foods


Italian Moscato is characterized by its sweet aftertaste, so the food pairing has to be adequate enough to balance it. You will have to look at the different types of wines to pair them well with different food groups. While any wine will go extremely well with dry fruits or cheese, there is much more to explore with Italian Moscato. We will tell you more about the food pairing between wine and spicy, sweet, and salty foods.

1. Do Not Shy Away from Spicy Food Pairing

Depending on what you are eating, the cuisine has a good chance of being extremely spicy for your taste. Italian Moscato can be paired with spicy food to give you relief from the fiery taste of Mexican or Indian cuisine. Moscato does not have a high alcohol content which you can use to your advantage.

The best part about this wine is that its aromatic flavor is the primary reason why people prefer it. So the complexity of the flavors from any particular cuisine will be well-matched with the sweet aroma of Moscato. You should also note that just because this pairing can be made does not mean that it will suit everyone’s taste. Spicy food pairing with Italian Moscato is definitely an acquired taste.

2. Sweet Food Pairing is Perfect

This is the most commonly done food pairing with Italian Moscato due to its sweet and citrusy aftertaste. With just a 5.5% alcohol content, the wine is primarily drunk for its taste. Since the public texture will go with different types of deserts of different textures, you can never go wrong with making a sweet food pairing with Italian Moscato.

Whether you are eating a cake, a plate full of pancakes or waffles, apple or fruit tarts or a bowl of fruit, choosing Moscato as your go-to Bragg beverage will never go wrong. It will be a great pairing during brunch, where you are focusing on light foods and desserts. Do not hesitate to try out with different deserts because it will probably give you a great experience.

3. You Should Go with Savory Food Pairing


Much like spicy food pairings, savory food pairings are not that common with Italian Moscato. However, this does not mean that you cannot try it out. Something savory or salty includes a wide range of food items, so there is no shortage of experimentation that can be done.

Whether you are eating pretzels for testing some cheese, do not be afraid to mix and match and bring Italian Moscato to the game. You will never view your charcuterie board the same way if you choose Italian Moscato as your beverage. Mostly salty flavor is predominant with finger foods and snacks, so using it with appetizers will make for a good pairing.

4. Bitter Food Pairing is Gamble Worth Making

This is a pretty uncommon food pairing, but that does not mean that it is not a very intelligent choice. Alcoholic beverages, in general, give a pretty bitter aftertaste. The major benefit of having Italian Moscato is that you were left with the fruity and citrusy taste. So when you pair it with a better dish, you will be able to balance out the bitterness with some of the sweetness of the wine.

It may not work for everyone, but it is worth trying out, especially if you want to enhance the flavor of your meal. Apart from being eaten with bitter foods, Moscato will also go well with sour dishes. Be open to new ideas and make sure that you try them out before disregarding a bitter or sour food pairing.

The Takeaway

There is something magical about discovering new flavors independently through experimentation. Wines, in general, are known for their rich flavor, and food pairings should always work to enhance them. No matter the dominant flavor of the food, Italian Moscato will work to combine well with it and give you an enriching and refreshing culinary experience.

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