5 Tips For Planning Perfect Low Calorie Breakfasts

Low Calorie Breakfasts

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and they’re so right. The key, however, is to find healthier alternatives of your favorite dishes so that you don’t start the day off on the wrong foot. That means that you are going to have to plan around and focus on healthy and natural ingredients at the core. Thinking through all of this in advance can really pay off for you.

If you skipped breakfast in the past, it’s time to start embracing it again. If you never made time for breakfast or ate something fattening out of desperation, then it’s time to change your ways. If you eat a healthy and low-calorie breakfast it can really help to charge up your metabolism properly. You can get everything that you need and never be weighed down by the wrong elements again.

It’s all about preparation and thinking of the healthiest possible options to start your day off with. You will get what you need, rev up your metabolism, and help to keep your weight loss efforts on track with a well rounded and healthy breakfast.


Here are some excellent tips for planning perfect low-calorie breakfasts that keep you going strong and help to accentuate your weight loss. If you can put in the effort ahead of time and focus on the right foods, this will be a seamless process for you—and you’ll get to enjoy some delicious breakfasts in the process.

1. Do the prep work ahead of time

Anything that you can do ahead of time will save you time in the morning. Not only that but it will ensure that you eat something that is low calorie and substantial. Chop up fruits and veggies ahead of time, hard boil some eggs that you can quickly grab, do whatever you can to make the prep work minimal in the morning. That also ensures you make healthy choices to start the day with!

2. Cook meals that you can enjoy easily the next morning

If you have the ability to cook in advance it will really serve you well. According to Charlotte Leslie’s website cooking up a healthy breakfast casserole or a pot of old fashioned oatmeal is advisable. Make a yogurt parfait with fresh fruit, or make some homemade granola. You may even find that you enjoy making muffin tins of egg white omelets that you can enjoy on the go.

3. Find healthier alternatives of your favorite breakfast dishes

You still can enjoy an omelet but focus on egg whites and a lot of veggies. You can enjoy yogurt but go for low fat Greek yogurt. Try to focus on a true steel cut oat for your oatmeal rather than your packaged oatmeal. Making healthier alternatives of favorite dishes is the way to go. It will keep you happy as you enjoy favorites, but it will also ensure that you don’t eat away your calorie counts in doing so.

4. Feature healthy ingredients and get creative with them

You can do a lot with an avocado, so get creative. Add it to some egg whites for a nice blend. Top a whole grain English muffin with it. Maybe try adding it to a frittata. The same goes for almost any healthy food such as eggs or oatmeal or even fresh fruit. The more creativity you add into it, the more you will enjoy it and stick with these healthy options.

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5. Include a lot of fiber and healthy filler

You need the things that will keep you going throughout the day. This is your chance to supercharge your metabolism so make it count. Add beans to poached eggs to supercharge your metabolism. Make a truly healthy oat muffin that features steel cut oats, raisins, and other dried fruit. Anytime that you can add fiber and healthy fillers such as eggs, fruit, and even other proteins you will get great value for your breakfast investment. This is how to eat healthy at breakfast and keep yourself going strong for the rest of the day!

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