Agua de Valencia (Valencian Water)

Valencian water


Agua de Valencia is a typical Valencian cocktail that contains orange juice, cava or champagne, vodka and gin. Some people include Cointreau in the recipe, but this is optional. Agua de Valencia is a refreshing drink usually served cold or with ice cubes, so it is a perfect drink for summer.



¾ cup orange juice
3-4 tbsp gin
3-4 tbsp vodka
3 cups cava/champagne (1 bottle)
1 tsp sugar (to taste)


Makes 1 l (1 qt)


Preparation methodagua de Valencia

  1. Squeeze several oranges, until you get ¾ cup of orange juice.
  2. Pour it into a pitcher.
  3. Add a bottle of cava or champagne to the orange juice.
  4. Pour the vodka and gin.
  5. Add the sugar.
  6. Stir and taste.
  7. Adjust sugar.
  8. Refrigerate.
  9. If necessary, put 2-3 ice cubes into a glass.
  10. Then fill with agua de Valencia.
  11. You can decorate the glass with orange slices.

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