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Spanish Stuffed Eggplant

Eggplants stuffed with minced beef or pork topped with cheese and baked in the oven.   Ingredients 6 eggplants 4 cloves of garlic, peeled and finely chopped 2 onions, peeled and finely chopped 1 red pepper, finely chopped and seeds removed 500 g/1 lb minced beef or pork 4 tbsp olive oil Salt and pepper […]

stuffed eggplant

pimientos rellenos, piquillo peppers, stuffed peppers

Piquillo Peppers Stuffed with ground beef (Pimientos de Piquillo rellenos)

Piquillo peppers are a variety of Spanish red peppers. They can be stuffed with fish, shellfish or meat. Our recipe uses ground beef mixed with béchamel sauce for the filling. Piquillo peppers are perfect for tapas or as a starter, and the recipe is easy to follow.   Ingredients For the sauce Olive oil, divided […]


Gazpacho is an Andalusian dish similar to salmorejo. It consists of a creamy soup made with tomatoes, olive oil and vegetables. This is one of the healthiest dishes you can prepare, and it’s very easy as well. As it’s served cold, it’s the perfect starter for any summer day that you feel like having a […]

gazpacho, tomato soup

stuffed mussels, spanish tigres

Stuffed mussels (Mejillones rellenos or Tigres)

Stuffed mussels are a typical Spanish tapa, native to the North. They can be served hot or cold, but anyway these creamy stuffed mussels are delicious. It takes some time to prepare Tigres, but the long wait is worth it!   Ingredients 1 kg/2 lb mussels, cleaned 1 glass white wine 1 bay leaf 1 […]



Salmorejo is an Andalusian dish similar to Gazpacho. It consists of a creamy soup made with tomatoes, bread, oil, garlic and vinegar and accompanied with crumbled hard boiled eggs and serrano ham dices. As it is served cold, it is the perfect starter for any summer day that you feel like having a taste of […]


Pisto manchego is a Spanish dish similar to ratatouille. It can be served hot or cold, as a side dish, starter or main course. Pisto originated in Castilla la Mancha, but now it’s cooked all over Spain. The recipe of traditional pisto is very easy, you just have to sauté different vegetables in a saucepan […]


vegetables in tempura batter, verduras en tempura

Verduras en tempura (Vegetables in tempura batter)

Vegetables in tempura batter Tempura is a typical Japanese dish of seafood or vegetables battered and then deep fried. There are a lot of ingredients that can be prepared in tempura batter, but some of the most common ones are shrimps, squids, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, carrots, green beans and eggplants. Although this recipe is […]