Queimada (Hot Galician punch)


Queimada is a traditional Galician alcoholic beverage usually prepare at the end of gatherings and celebrations. It is thought to have curative properties and, after reciting the incantation or spell (while preparing the punch), it is also said to protect those who drink it against curses and evil spells and keep the spirits and other evil beings away.

The basic ingredients to prepare queimada are aguardiente (eau-de-vie), sugar, coffee beans and lemon peel. Also, some people add fruit (such as apple and orange wedges) and cinnamon, but the basic recipe is the following:


Ingredientsclay pot

0.25 gal orujo (eau-de-vie)/a grape based spirit if orujo is not available
⅔ cup sugar
1 lemon peel, cut into strips
¼ cup whole coffee beans
1 large clay pot/fireproof bowl, sealed of glazed on the interior
1 very long-handled wooden ladle or spoon (never use plastic), to stir the brew while burning


Makes 8 servings



Preparation method

  1. Place the large clay pot on a fireproof surface, such as a barbecue grill.
  2. Pour approximately 4 tablespoon of orujo and 1 tablespoon of sugar into a glass and mix well until sugar dissolves. Set aside.quimada, hot galician punch
  3. Into the clay pot, pour the remaining orujo and sugar.
  4. Wash the lemon and peel it into long strips (yellow art only).
  5. Add the lemon peel to the pot.
  6. Toss in the coffee beans and stir.
  7. Pour the mixture of orujo and sugar (set aside previously) into the ladle.
  8. Then, carefully, light the ladle on fire and move it to the clay pot until the liquid in the pot catches fire.
  9. Stir continuously and let the flames turn blue. This is when you should start to recite the incantation, if you are going to.
  10. Keep stirring until the flames of the punch extinguish by themselves. Also, you could slide alid over the pot to put out the flames, but if you let the queimada extinguish itself, it will have less alcohol and it will be sweeter.
  11. Serve hot with the ladle in glasses that support a hot temperature. If you are using a special clay pot for queimada, you will probably have small clay cups too, which are perfect for this beverage.


Here you have the spell or incantation that is usually recited while making queimada:


Galician English
Mouchos, coruxas, sapos e bruxas.
Demos, trasgos e diaños,
espritos das nevoadas veigas.
Corvos, píntegas e meigas,
feitizos das menciñeiras.
Podres cañotas furadas,
fogar dos vermes e alimañas.
Lume das santas Compañas.
Mal de ollo, negros meigallos,
cheiro dos mortos, tronos e raios.

Ouveo do can, pregón da morte;
fuciño do sátiro e pé do coello.
Pecadora lingua da mala muller
casada cun home vello.
Averno de Satán e Belcebú,
lume dos cadavres ardentes,
corpos mutilados dos indecentes,
peidos dos infernales cus,
muxido da mar embravescida.
Barriga inútil da muller solteira,
falar dos gatos que andan á xaneira,
guedella porca da cabra mal parida.

Con este fol, levantarei as chamas deste lume
que asemella ó do inferno
e fuxirán as meigas a cabalo das súas escobas,
índose bañar na praia das areas gordas.

¡Oíde, oíde! os ruxidos que dan as que
non poden deixar de queimarse
no augoardente quedando así purificadas.
E cando esta brebaxe baixe polas nosas
quedaremos libres dos males
da nosa alma e de todo embruxamento.

Forzas do Ar, Terra, Mar e Lume,
a vós fago esta chamada:
Si é verdade que tedes máis poder que a humana xente,
eiquí e agora, facede que os espritos dos amigos que estean fóra,
participen con nós desta queimada.

Owls, barn owls, toads and witches.
Demonds, goblins and devils,
spirits of the misty meadows.
Crows, salamanders and sorceresses,
spells of the witch doctors.
Rotten, hole-ridden canes,
home of worms and vermin.
Fire of the souls in torment, the evil eye,
black spells, the smell of the dead, thunder and lightning.

Howl of the dog, omen of death;
snout of satyr and foot of rabbit.
Sinful tongue of the harridan
wife of an old man.
Hell of Satan and Beelzebub,
fire of burning corpses,
wretched mutilated bodies,
farts from hellish arses,
roar of the raging sea.
Barren womb of the single woman,
meowing of cats on heat,
mangy and filthy hair of the ill-begotten goat.

With these bellows I will raise
the flames of this
hell-like fire,
and the witches will flee on their broomsticks,
to bathe on the fat-pebbled beach.

Hear, hear! the howls of those who burn in the “aguardiente”
and thereby purify themselves.
And when this brew runs down our
we will be free of all the sins of our soul and of any witchcraft.

Forces of Air, Earth, Sea and Fire,
I make this call to you:
If it is true that you have more power than people,
here and now, make the spirits of the friends who have departed
share this Queimada with us.


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