Chilindron Chicken

Chilindron chicken is a traditional Spanish chicken stew. It consists of chicken simmered with pepper, tomato, onion and serrano ham. There are hundreds of recipes with small variations; here we suggest a classical one that you will definitely love.   Ingredients 1 chicken, cut into pieces Salt and pepper to taste 150 g serrano ham, […]

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stuffed mussels, spanish tigres

Stuffed mussels (Mejillones rellenos or Tigres)

Stuffed mussels are a typical Spanish tapa, native to the North. They can be served hot or cold, but anyway these creamy stuffed mussels are delicious. It takes some time to prepare Tigres, but the long wait is worth it!   Ingredients 1 kg/2 lb mussels, cleaned 1 glass white wine 1 bay leaf 1 […]

Tinto de verano (Summer red wine)

Tinto de verano Summer red wine is one of the summer essentials in Spain. This refreshing cocktail is similar to sangria, but it is easier to prepare. Tinto de verano is typically prepared with gaseosa (a Spanish lightly sweetened colorless soda), but you can add any lemon-lime soda (such as 7-up or Sprite) instead. Do […]

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pinchos morunos, Moorish pork skewers , tapas, skewers

Moorish pork skewers (Pincho moruno)

Moorish pork skewers consist of a stick with spicy meat. In our recipe we use pork, although you can prepare them with lamb, beef or chicken. Prepare the marinade, grill de meat and enjoy a taste of Spain!   Ingredients 3 cloves of garlic Salt 3 tsp paprika 3 dried cayenne chillies 1 tbsp oregano 1/2 cup […]

Torrijas (Bread Pudding)

Torrijas are similar to French toasts, but the bread slices are soaked in milk, coated with egg and then fried. Because of that, torrijas are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. Sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, every bit is sweet and full of flavor. Apart from being really easy to prepare, the […]

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Mojito   Mojito is an alcoholic cocktail native to Cuba. Traditionally, it consists of a mixture of five ingredients, including white rum, sugar, lime juice, club soda and mint (usually spearmint). Also, it contains ice, so this refreshing cocktail (or highball) is a perfect drink for summer. There are a lot of variations of the […]

Chicken burritos recipe

Chicken burritos Burritos are a dish native to Mexico and they are characterized by the usage of rice (or Mexican rice), beans (or refried beans), meat, cheese and sauces (guacamole, sour cream). Also, they usually contain chiles (green, red, chipotle…), a typical ingredient in Mexican food. Here you have one of the authentic recipes to […]

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