Mexican quesadillas

Authentic Mexican quesadillas   Quesadillas are a traditional Mexican food. A quesadilla consist of a tortilla, warmed to soften it enough to be folded in half, and then filled. Also, a quesadilla can be prepared with two tortillas, so each quesadilla will have a base tortilla, then the filling, and then another tortilla on top. […]

Mexican chicken quesadillas

caipirinha cocktail


Caipirinha   Caipirinha is a cocktail native to Brazil. It is made with cachaça, which is a sweet Brazilian type of rum made from sugarcane juice. There are a lot of variations of caipirinha, as you can combine different seasonal fruits and add them to your cocktail (such as grapes, kiwifruit, lemon, lime, mango, tangerine, […]

Mexican chicken enchiladas

Mexican enchiladas Enchilada is a Mexican food which includes a corn tortilla rolled around a filling and then covered with chili pepper sauce. Enchiladas can be filled with a lot of different ingredients, but the main fillings are cheese, beans, meat, potatoes, seafood and vegetables. Here you have an authentic Mexican recipe for enchiladas:   […]

Mexican chicken enchilada

polvorones, cookies, almond


Polvorones are crumbly almond cookies. They are called like that (“dusty”) because they are covered with powdered sugar. These delicious Spanish cookies are very traditional and especially popular at Christmas. Polvorones just melt in your mouth, and you will melt with them!   Ingredients 350 g/ 12 oz plain flour 100 g/ 4 oz almonds […]

Natillas (Spanish Custard)

Natillas are one of the most popular traditional desserts in Spain. Natillas consist of a smooth yellow cream which tastes of vanilla and cinnamon, although you can also flavor the cream with chocolate or hazelnut, for instance. This recipe is to prepare vanilla-flavored natillas. The preparation is easy and quick, and you will have a great […]

natillas, custard, dessert, cream

serrano ham, peas with serrano ham

Peas with ham

Peas with ham is an easy Spanish dish which can be served as a tapa or starter. Healthy and tasty, you just have to mix peas and serrano ham in a frying pan and let them simmer for some minutes.   Ingredients 1 medium onion, peeled and chopped 2 cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped 2 tablespoons […]

prawns with serrano ham, seafood, ham

Prawns Wrapped in Serrano Ham

A delicious combination of two of the finest Spanish ingredients, seafood and serrano ham. It’s an incredible tapa in which the strong and salty flavor of the serrano ham goes perfectly with the sweetness of the prawn. This dish is really easy and quick, which proves that Spanish cuisine is within everyone’s reach. Ingredients 1 […]

Mexican fish tacos recipe

Mexican fish tacos Tacos are a Mexican small snack made up of a corn or wheat tortilla (griddled on a comal) folded around a filling, which can vary depending of the preferences of the consumer. The usual ingredient is meat (beef, cheese, chicken or pork) but you can also use fish and seafood (such as […]

fish tacos, mexican fish tacos


Queimada (Hot Galician punch)

Queimada Queimada is a traditional Galician alcoholic beverage usually prepare at the end of gatherings and celebrations. It is thought to have curative properties and, after reciting the incantation or spell (while preparing the punch), it is also said to protect those who drink it against curses and evil spells and keep the spirits and […]